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Helping to enhance your neighborhood through redevelopment projects that create jobs, eliminate blight, improve public infrastructures, and preserve history. 

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You might be wondering how redevelopment can help you or why the area’s redevelopment is so vital to the economic health of your community.

Pueblo Urban Renewal Authority’s (PURA) mission is to stabilize, enhance, and support economic vitality through community-driven development projects.

PURA is here to Inform, educate, and communicate toward a better understanding of their strategies and financing mechanisms.

Here are just a few more benefits you might see as a result of redevelopment…
  • Boosted property values
  • Reduced blight
  • New sources of tax revenue
  • Stimulated private investment
  • New jobs
  • Improved public infrastructure, schools, and parks
  • Reduced pollution and environmental contamination
  • Urban sprawl prevention
  • Revitalized retail, bringing new grocers, salons, clothing, and so much more.

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PURA’s Impact

Redevelopment Areas

PURA Redevelopment Areas

  1. Downtown Expanded
  2. Eastside
  3. EVRAZ
  4. Lake Minnequa
  5. Lower West Side
  6. North Pueblo
  7. South Santa Fe
  8. St. Charles
  9. Thunder Village I & II
  10. Union Avenue
  11. Mitchell Park South

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Our Process

PURA works within specific geographical areas adopted by City Council and guided by an improvement plan for the area. The authority follows a structured process to take redevelopment from concept to reality.

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Our Mission

Create. Protect. Enhance

  • Create dynamic change through transformative projects that inspire unique and diverse neighborhoods.
  • Protect and retain Pueblo’s downtown as the true core of our community with the understanding that a community’s potential need for revitalization is not confined to any one area.
  • Support the community’s new job efforts.
  • Inform, educate, and communicate toward a better understanding of our strategies and financing mechanisms.
  • Maintain open lines of communication with partners that are impacted.
About PURA

Breathing New Life into Pueblo’s Future

Since 1959 Pueblo Urban Renewal Authority has helped stimulate and revitalize many local neighborhoods through redevelopment. Their goal continues to focus on redeveloping blighted areas and maintaining a strong urban core – crucial to enhancing economic health.

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